Microgaming Casino Slot Tournaments 2016 – Full List

The specialized team has been searched far and wide on the official Internet sources for the array of the best Microgaming Casino Slot Tournaments. Nobody else gives you the fuller list of the updated events of various kinds. Yep, there were so many fantastic offers, we could barely pry yourself away from taking part in them. At least till we share the valuable information with you, guys!

Online Casinos Tournaments – Types

Thousands of the UK slot players with different preferences, so that to satisfy everyone is impossible with one sort of the competition. We have gathered 4 original tournament sorts in 2016 for your investigation:

  • One Shot
  • Extender
  • Reloader
  • Survivor

Before you join any, you need to differ their types, because each is oriented on the definite group of thrill seekers.

Moral Virtues for Slots Events


Without a doubt, the novices should come in on the Sit-and-Go slot machine tournament kind. Microgaming casino operators more often than not set the minimum entry price to lure the newcomers.

What have you got to lose? £10? It is the average cost for the event. Moreover, the games offered for the competition are familiar and you can easily get the detailed review of each, showing its good and bad sides out.


The players who know all the ropes, of course, join others in the fight for the prize pool from £100 up to £500 in average and more. Don’t go on wondering if you see FREE admission to all interested.

But who would tell you another secret? When the entrance costs £12 or, maybe, higher sum of cash, the less amount of people who will be in the game. So, it’s a small investment you can make that will deliver tremendous benefits after, because the prize pool would be divided into few participants in such a case.



Even if you don’t plan to attach yourself to the kind of entertainments, you still have the option at some online gambling houses to participate in the Private slot events for granted. Once you click on the special button, you are in the competition for the cash prize, raffled off between the members only.

How to Join Microgaming Slot Competition

A simple invitation from Microgaming casino operators with no strings attached or the planned engagement in hazardous activity with other gamblers is always a good idea! You can play together with 6 or 50 people, the emotions and trills are just unforgettable. The things are heating up, a big reward is at stake. Aren’t you in?


All the events has the specific terms as well as conditions. Sit & Go offers are good as you may cancel them at any time. But there is a disadvantage. It won’t start as there should be gathered enough players for the beginning.


Scheduled ones have the exact time and place as well as the money contribution involved. All the tournaments require the registry for the contest and cash input at times. The private parties are organized for the UK casino users only where they take place, the previous occasions included the thrill-seekers all over the whole Microgaming network.

Bet Amounts

Let us emphasize on the need to set the max bet, your possible wins can cover your losses faster. Thus, choose the appropriate slot machine by the software to try for spinning with the suitable bet range within your pocket.

Tournaments Special Features to Mind

Maybe there’s something else that’s bothering you. Are the special features holding you back? Here are the simple answers on the crucial things with recommendations from the experts for you to know.


Time Limitation

Before to proceed to the action, please read about the current tournament, make sure the gamblers from England are accepted, the interesting info can be found in the registration form, so that you’ll be ready with all aspects beforehand.

Continue Play Option (Rebuy) Explanation

Imagine the situation when you are lacking of the coins for the next spin. Suggest to stop over now when you are among the first?

There is another occurrence when your time has been fully occupied and you need the extra one to end up the prizewinner. Here is such an option, called Rebuy. It is activated on the paid basis (about 3 GBP), of course.

Microgaming Casino Tournaments – Top Slots Strategies

Our command offers practical, low-cost strategy solutions when putting your name down for the competition. Click quickly, manage the given time properly, don’t get distracted. Pace yourself when starting, make haste to come in first! Look through another our review on choosing the best slot variants for real money game session.