Microgaming Blackjack – Full List

We all hunt for fresh emotions and online players know how hard it is to find a new game to surprise and entertain. Trust your pastime to Microgaming and no boring evening can be met on your winning way. Besides, providing such a big collection of card games, the company makes you think only about gaming strategies and cash prizes.

Become a master in what you do and everyone will come to you for advice. Follow our experts and you will find out all the details about Blackjack, its varieties, rules and other options to help you make the killing. Let Microgaming show you its benefits and nothing can stop you from taking advantage of them.

Blackjack Series Variety

Believe it or not, but once you look through the list of Microgaming Blackjack, you are bound to meet about 40 alternatives and variants of the game. Still, there are some general groups, which present their variations. That is why, check European, Double Exposure, Big Five, Atlantic City, Pontoon, Vegas Strip and others before choosing your favorite. Learn the differences in the rules and see which game features include the most profitable conditions for a player, and not for the Dealer.


Everything comes to the ones, who follow traditions and the classic series of Microgaming Blackjack collect all the most famous types of the card game. Hey, being created in 1994, the company has managed to create a pretty impressive portfolio of entertainments. So, check out the tried-and-tested amusement first, and then you can freely go and try new variants and releases.

Microgaming Blackjack to Try


It is like upgrading something. You can easily find the same game in two alternatives – the classic and gold one. Comparing the original and gold version of the same game, you may not find any differences in terms of rules (or very slight ones), but you are bound to notice the new style and design of the entertainment. It is like moving to a new level staying at the same place.

Blackjack Microgaming Casino Bonuses

Having a desire to play and actually playing a game for real money are different things. Numerous players are afraid to lose their funds and stay with nothing at the end of the day. That is why, making deposit can turn to be rather complicated for some gamers. Online casinos know the tendency and create a great way to encourage their users. Once you enter a site, go to the section of Promotions and check what bonuses you can get when making inputs. See, every step gets estimated.

High Roller

Being a risky person has its good and bad sides. But once it concerns online gambling, each risk proves its value. Deposit a big sum of cash and you will receive an even bigger amount back as a prize. Check the terms of the offer and see how much money will be awarded, cause estimating your chances and possibilities is the best way to protect yourself from any losses. 


And now everything depends on you. The casino offers you a Match Bonus and you get the amount of your min deposit and the max cash prize possible. Transfer a sum of money and watch it getting matched to the percentage of the promotion. And though there is a top you can’t go over, it is always pleasant to have an influence on your future. Just make sure all the terms are checked firstly.

Choose Your Blackjack Variety

No Deposit

The time of glory starts here and now. Find a casino with No Deposit Bonus presented and forget about any transactions. The offer can come in a way of free spins or free money, and you should find the second option, cause Blackjack differs from slot machines 😉 Roll in a promo code if required and activate the feature. Your balance is boosted and you can make stakes easily.


Don’t you feel special? Examine the bonus terms and find the promo created especially for you to experience Blackjack. This time everything is done for you and your high balance. Just make sure you are aware of restrictions, cause classic Blackjack is usually not allowed to be played using the promotion.

How to Choose Microgaming Casino for Blackjack Wins?

Preferring Blackjack, you just pick the entertainment. Still, there is a need to find a gaming source. Everything should be totally safe and secure, that is why, we offer you to create a list of criteria, according to which you will choose a casino site based on Microgaming software. Ready to become a guru?

House Edge

Such amusement as Blackjack and other card entertainments are games of unique chance and the idea of them gives some advantage to the casino you play. This is a percentage, which identifies how much the house (casino) will get after each spin or hand. Thus, the lower figure is presented on the casino site, the more you get receive as a result of your gameplay.

Banking Options

Aiming at cash winnings at the end of the game, you are to create an account and start playing for real money. And all this is impossible without making monetary transactions. Look through the list of payment methods presented by the casino and check their conditions. Learn the timeframe of your credit card or e-wallet, see how much you have to pay as a fee, make sure the system works instantly and only then make your choice.