Microgaming Bingo – Full List

Are you an old lady who masters the computer skills and knows the online bingo rules? Just kidding, the Britain casino players stats disproves the cliché, the gamblers of all ages and sexes compose the bingo-industry of the following countries: the USA, Australia and England. The last-named audience has its game preference.

Why 90 Ball Bingo to 75 Ball one? Why separate platform? Why Microgaming? These 3 questions and more about the Internet lotto-like playing entertainments for real money, GBP in particular, you will find fully explored.

To make the conclusions, we have had to review the full range of online bingo websites running on the branded platform. We have faced the cobwebs, facts, nuances as well as drawbacks in the field and brought them to your notice.

Real Money Bingo Variants Overlook

Nobody argues with the simplicity of the amusement conception. For those who forget we will remind. Your aim is to fill up the ticket by crossing out the randomly chosen figures. The first who copes with the task, announce about it.

Traditionally, the thrill-seekers cried out “Bingo”, nowadays the typing of the word is enough, ha-ha. There are special chats in the rooms provided by Microgaming casino operators where you can do it. There can be 5 or more of such ones.

While observing, we have got nostalgic for a while and discovered when everything started. In 1530 the Italian Lotto game “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia” mentioned is considered to be the game progenitor, however, it took hold in the UK and other countries mostly.

Microgaming Quickfire represents all the Bingo Types in all existing formats: 90 Ball, 75 Ball , -variant, -pattern and 75 ball classic plus the Immortal Romance, the exclusive kind from the top supplier itself.

bingo online ticket

Main Game Rules

Online casinos have only 1 variation of the game all too often. Favored by the British real cash players, 90 Ball Bingo offers the range of numbers from 1 up to 90, the virtual rotation drum allows to cross over 15 random figures. The operators divide the total prize in case of the larger amount of fulfilled the house thrill-seekers. Yep, you can be not the only winner.

There is also very popular the American version of the same, it has from 1 up to 75 balls, thus come the title of the kind. Also, there are the letters “B”, “I”, “N”, “G”, “O” included. These major kinds attract the people, but which game has the best odds, huh?

Microgaming Network Formats

You are to register online as the real money casino user before starting. You can get the bingo app or cross over the virtual numbers via the browser. Microgaming chat hosts as well as the bingo graphic won’t let the game fans out. Well-tried by the team of our experts, the formats show the particular advantages and drawbacks.


You may gamble with other players via the instant format sitting by computer. The Windows, Linux operating systems are preferable for download type, because Mac thrill-seekers have no option but the browse play.


The Quickfire platform supplies the entertainments in Flash and HTML5 formats, thus mobile/tablet bingo prizes widen the audience. The holders of iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, HTC and other actual gadgets preferred among the gamblers can enjoy this activity. You can buy more tickets and increase chances of your win just on the go, but the 3G, 4G mobile Internet connection should be provided.

microgaming online bingo bonuses

Online Bingo Games Tips

Everything described above is learned. Then you are ready. Go on earning prizes. Wait, don’t let yourself wild till you haven’t read the recommendations and our remarks which are beneficial to GBP bettors. As well as the security of the chosen banking for depositing and withdrawing, one should be aware of the expert hints below:

  • count the competitors in your bingo room
  • listen to the profs pieces of advice
  • record your investments
  • note the number of balls separating from the win
  • avail of the game calculator

Free Bingo Bonus Observe

Is it worth paying a little extra and go without a bonus? The seducing promo mostly of £5, £10 no deposit is so seducing. The risk free experience without making any preliminary input has gone to your head, hasn’t it? But it’s better to avoid the sort of the offers.

Or you are to blame yourself for the absence of different possibilities like jackpot withdrawing and etc. By the way, the regular suggestions you can afford with free cash should be escaped by you, but the well read terms for cashing out will come in handy.

Bingo Jackpot Winners

The game pays out up to £250,000 per month as the fixed jackpot, and the progressive reward payment cannot be ruled out 😉 The one and only recommendation from the winners around the Internet is to read the terms/conditions rules very carefully from the start. If there are any misunderstanding, go to the support which works very well and 24/7 in the Microgaming houses to clarify everything.