Full List of Quickfire Microgaming Games

What format do you prefer when playing casino games? Once you always pick the instant play version, you will definitely estimate the high quality of Microgaming entertainments created with the help of Quickfire. Speedy, amusing and money-winning, all the necessary attributes are here and the only thing left for you is picking a game.

Take it easy, as soon as you are in the hall of a casino, you are offered to observe the whole list of entertainments. Here you are to make up your mind and once everything is serious and you play for real cash, the choice should be based on various criteria. Besides, with the help of new releases of mini and nano games, you can enjoy the same amusements in a smaller format.

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Be sure, once there is a thing connected with a casino game in your head, there is bound to be its real version in the list of Microgaming Quickfire entertainments. The alternatives are so many that you can freely try a new amusement each day and it will take several months. See, the possibilities are wide and you are to relish all of them in order to have your own list of leading games.


Anything you like, my dear. Just imagine a slot and it is already loading on your screen. Launch classic 3-reel, video, progressive, bonus and other machines in order to catch bigger prizes. It is all about spinning the reels and activating your luck, cause without fortune, this game becomes not so winning. Check the number of lines and reels, bonus features and payouts, you are to experience the best variant.

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Oh, this time the list is really long and we can’t even say the exact number. Any game, which is not a slot machine, belongs to the group of tables. Here you can meet both cards, dice, scratch cards and others. Check out the register with the leading table games presented by both Quickfire and Microgaming in order to see which of them leads to higher outcomes.


Half-and-half players are out! Here you are to make decisions and they determine your winnings. Select a spot by colour (black or red) and number (from 1 up to 37/38), cross your fingers, and hope that the marble will stop right there. You place stakes on the position and once it turns to be the right one, you can freely collect the wins. See, luck won’t be an extra thing at that rate.


Time to think about strategies, card combinations and sly actions. Well, in fact your aim remains the same – you are to collect cards, which value is closer to 21 faster than the Dealer does. Still, you are not to go over the figure. Learning the varieties of the game, you can see the differences in features, not speaking about the fact that there are classic and gold series of the 21 game.


Baccarat, Baccarat Gold and High Limit Baccarat. Which alternative will you choose? The game involves cards and requires your attention for using winning strategies. Learn the rules carefully and follow the tips, which occur on the screen while your gameplay. Check the conditions, cause usually the odds in this game go to the favor of the bank, and only if everything is okey, launch the entertainment.

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We have already said that the varieties are numerous and that was pure truth. Except the games described above, you can freely experience scratch cards, Poker, Keno, Craps and other entertainments, which also provide high payouts. Try each kind at least in fun mode and the experience will help you determine the leader.

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The main reason why everyone is mad keen on Quickfire is its quality. You can’t but fall in love with it, cause every game is produced with such a speed, that you forget about any inconveniences. Besides, it doesn’t really matter whether you play on desktop or mobile, the same conditions are provided and the pastime doesn’t change as such. Everything remains equally safe, entertaining and profitable.


Nowadays, less and less gamers download casino software to their computers. Players tend to choose instant play format and enter the amusements online. Why not? With the software, no slowdowns, errors, unpleasant bugs can appear on your way. Just visit the site from any browser that supports Flash and relish the conditions of online and free leisure.


The life is great and spending it in a passive way is just a crime. Take out your portable device and launch a casino from your mobile browser. Use any of iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows gadgets to enjoy the games. Just make sure the Internet connection is on thru a powerful Wi-Fi or 3G net, this is the only thing you need, excerpt your high mood, to make a scoop.

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Trying the games for once, you can’t stand but keep on playing them more and more. Just be careful and everything will go perfectly. Check the house edge and rtp of the casinos, make sure the conditions are for your benefit, look through the list of games presented and only then make a choice. You are the one to create your future, so don’t grudge anything for your happiness.