Microgaming Roulette – Full List

For many enthusiasts of online casino Microgaming is a top-rated soft provider of the slots. However, the life presents lots of unexpected things. A fresh game of a different profile is in the list.

The roulette is accessible in online. It has overwhelmed not only the devotees of the designer solutions, but also its big rivals in the gaming biz on the web.

Well Paid Roulette Games to Play for Cash

The general set of the virtual roulette is standard: internal/external bets on the gaming surface, the possibility to arrange the oral stakes, the figures from 1 to 36, the versions with 0 and 00. It distinguishes the entertainments amid the other risky activities.

Bring to notice, you can play with no cash. Having learned the peculiarities, you can then proceed with the real game for serious funds. So, check the payout rates and only then begin the perfarmance.

Game Kinds – Profitability & Variances

No doubts that Microgaming is a worthful developer. The portfolio of its projects is really very posh. It is rather weird that the suppliers keep producing the delights without the fear of failing. That is simply the nonsence!

Considering the roulette, there are 3 main classic kinds which exceed all other games. They are European, French and American.


There are 6 online activities with significant elements of the European variation. So, the 1st one is a usual European Roulette. There is a capability to perform staking with a single button.

Best online Microgaming roulette

For your information, European Roulette Gold is a traditional kind of the Gold Line. There is a track of the complete set of the oral bets. Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold has an additional Race Track field for the oral stakes and there is an individual button for this.

Multi-Player Roulette is conceivable for several gamblers (up to 5 users). Apart from that, you can experience Premier Roulette and Royal (with progressive feature).


Also, there are 2 amusements with French elements. French Microgaming Roulette is a classic one with the chance to arrange the bets verbally (including the entries on the neighbors).

French Roulette Gold is another variation from the Gold Series with the verbal stakes (Tiers du Cylindre, Les Voisins du Zero and Les Orphelins).


There is purely a single game with the American background and that is American Roulette. It will definitely never miss its appeal. Playing this type, you can perform the ongoing entries: ranges, red/black, odd/even, pairs/quads, single number.

It is a usual chance-taking activity and it offers actually nothing extraordinary at all. It is not complicated to gamble and memorize the rules to follow them.

Roulette Strategies & Tips

The prime purpose of strategy is to decrease the privilege of the online portal above the players. They want to make the luck an insignificant attribute. Many adventurers have elaborated different strategies. Some of them are effective, some failed immediately.

The main plans include the Martingale, AMS, Biarritz, Fibonacci, Labouchere, Oscar Grind, Lucky 7 Cheat System, Thomas Donald, Whittaker, the strategy of 3 rules. Investigate every plan and decide which you will use.

Play Microgaming roulette with strategies

Roulette Tournaments Explanation

The tournaments have appeared not yesterday. The serious rivalry holds the audience of the roulette. These competitions can be payable (about $15).

Free events allow acting for several minutes. The time, date and other important information about the tournament is on the official site either on the main page or in the News/Events section.

Besides, we recommend you to play in the usual games first. Thus, you will acquire new skills and habits. Then you will have a chance to apply them in the official championships on the net.

Microgaming Casino Bonus for Roulette Lovers

It’s a pity, but Microgaming can’t monitor the procedure of the bonus system formation. The operators greatly respect the honorable supplier and try to keep its reputation, presenting many lucrative propositions to the target audience. You can ontain both non-cashable and deposit offers as the prizes.

No Deposit

There is an opinion among the gamblers that the activity flows rather smooth, if you get a no deposit promotion at the very start of the performance.

You complete the profile only with the valid information, because in the other case you won’t be able to play normally. You enter the code and activate the Sign Up bonus for the registration on the portal due to it. Never forget about the bonus cash turnover. Consequently, we offer to investigate the wager rates for it in the terms.


Moreover, the thrill-seeker will get profit for depositing the account. The encouragements after the first, second and third deposits are available in muptiple online Microgaming gambling houses. That can be a match offer up to 500%, a high roller, free play (time) and refer-a-friend promos for you try.